Hello everyone.

I arrived here a few days ago on a plane flight from Los Angeles. I'm happy to be here in Pittsburgh today.

That's something I never thought I'd hear myself say again after I ran away to California 26 years ago. 26 years ago I thought I needed a change of scenery to improve my outlook on life.

But it turns out I didn't need new scenery. I needed a lot more than that. I needed something like a magic spell put on me.

And, lucky me, I got that when I met Deirdre 24 years ago. And it happened in California.

So maybe California does get some credit for my improved outlook on life since then.

I started seeing cartwheels in the grass. Shiny dresses and sunglasses. And happy eyes.

And those visions have never stopped and they never will.

Thank you everyone for coming here today to watch a little of the happiness that I've watched for 24 years.

And to witness the new happiness of Chris and Deirdre.